Day 2
March 9th, 2011 by

Today, we picked up a car, learned how to drive on the wrong side of the road, and drove to Coromandel along the western coast of the Coromandel peninsula. We stopped and took pictures approximately every 15 feet but as you can see it is beautiful.


This is around Thames. This was right before the road began to do hair pin turns following the coast with frequent cliff drops and nothing to obstruct the view.


This is a little after Kereta. We thought when we turned inland that it would be an easier drive but as it turns out hair pin drops are even less fun on the mountains with 100 foot drops.

We did safely make it to Coromandel. Where we meandered through town and explored their small harbor.


My sister even convinced me to go back out before dinner to take some pictures at sunset.

It was a good first day filled with the over brimming excitement that only the first day can bring. By tomorrow we won’t need to stop at every single turn out or gawk at every unusual site. By then this tourist thing with be an old hat.

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